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"Are you paying twice because your representative is nice?"

Many employers are paying twice for the service work required when offering group health and other insurances. How?  First, the insurance department approves product rates to include a service fee.  This fee is included in all carriers’ product rates, and is how a carrier pays their own representative’s salaries or a broker of record’s compensation. Far too many times a carrier representative or a broker is getting paid, even when they complete a minimal amount of service work.

Second, employers then must pay their employees to do the service work they pay a carrier representative or a broker to perform.  It costs time and money to resolve everyday issues like billing errors, resolving claim issues, preparing section 125 election material, complying with COBRA and mini-COBRA laws, updating records, evaluating carrier renewal proposals, answering coverage questions and complying with new regulations.  

Many times an employee wearing ten other hats is then delegated work they have only general knowledge. When mistakes or oversights are recognized, outsourced vendors are brought in.  In worst cases, employees are left to resolve issues themselves on the employer's time.  However it happens, the employer is paying twice for the work that carriers pay a service representative to do.  When given the choice, most companies prefer a broker of record that steps up to deliver the services that they pay for monthly.

Keep Your Current Insurance Plan

If you choose to take advantage of our services, you DO NOT need to change your current health insurance plan. The only things that change are your broker and your level of service. Your coverage and billing remain unchanged.

Customer Service Plus

In addition to five star customer services, we also offer no charge access to COBRA and Mini-COBRA Administration, Section 125 plan compliance, on site enrollment meetings, as well as many other benefits and services.

At Stahl & Company, we don't mind working for our pay.  We recognize you have entrusted us to manage a top five expense to your organization. When you call, you will hear a live friendly voice, and speak with a caring individual who is actually concerned about keeping you happy.  We expect to deliver the services you expect.  Should we agree to work together, we promise to deliver the services you expect and are already paying for.

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