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The Pennsylvania Mini-COBRA law, passed into law in 2009, drastically affects many businesses in Pennsylvania.  The law requires small businesses offering group medical coverage to offer a limited form of COBRA coverage called Mini-COBRA.  The law also applies to larger entities that are not subject to the Federal COBRA law.  

With little guidance or awareness of this law, many businesses, municipal organizations, and religious entities continue to be exposed to significant liability as a result of this law.  It is a law that haunts an organization until a previously insured employee or dependent obtains new health insurance.   In most Federal COBRA Cases, employers must pay tens of thousands of dollars in medical bills and attorneys fees when adequate records of compliance are not kept.  Pennsylvania is now one of forty one states to have similar laws.

Shortly after the law passed, we began developing to allow clients and prospective clients an efficient resource to comply with this law.  Access is granted to clients at no charge, and prospective clients pay a minimal fee to afford recovery of our investment.

This website is an organizational tool that allows clients to retrieve items of importance related to their insurance anywhere over the worldwide web.

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